Metallic Mediums: Unique Uses & Project Gallery


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Unique Uses

  • Our pigments are transparent and highly loaded in the medium thus they seem to be more opaque than other ready to roll metallic paints on the market.

Project Gallery

Dawn Neri Renner

From Dawn Neri Renner:

"I like the flexibility of tinting without the loss of metallic quality (modern masters you lose some of it if you add UTC’s to change or alter the color – that is info they gave me directly when I called tech support). With the tint bases offered you can get every color even those hard to match taupes, warm greys & silvers and rich earthy colors – the possibilities are endless. Also, I think the viscosity is slightly thinner which I like because you don’t get the build up from brush strokes especially on moldings etc. when you are glazing over."

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