Matting Additive vs. GOLDEN Matte Medium


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  • Proceed® Matting Additive is a concentrated dispersion of flatting agents in an acrylic base, a unique additive that creates matte finishes with high transparency.
  • GOLDEN Matte Medium is a viscous, pourable acrylic medium useful for extending colors, increasing translucency and decreasing gloss. It is also useful as a translucent ground.
  • The primary difference between these two is that GOLDEN Matte Medium has a binder and allows it to be used "by itself" whereas Proceed® Matting Additive has no binder and it must be added to another product.
  • When used with decorative finishes, GOLDEN Matte Medium increases the "hardness" of the glaze and allows a recoat application quicker than without. If you're used to working in oils, you can think of GOLDEN Matte Medium as a "drier" for waterbased materials.

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