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Unique Uses

  • Designed to function as a primer and a low absorbency base paint all in one
  • This base paint will increase the working time of Proceed and other major decorative brand products.
  • Proceed Low Absorbency Base Coat comes in two tint bases: a Pastel and a Deep tone for achieving dark colors.
  • Using an oil primer beneath the Low Absorbency Base Coat will create the MOST working time.
  • Use as a fast drying medium to paint large scale murals, see Lynne Miller's story below.

Applicator's Experiences & Project Gallery

Lynne Miller

One artist, Lynne from Charlotte, NC, has shared that she uses the Low Absorbency Base Coat and Dispersions as a fast drying medium to paint large scale murals. Lynne's story:

After attending a class on the Proceeds line at Great Walls Supply in Charlotte, NC, I decided to pick up some new paint for a mural I was working on. I have been using Golden acrylics since I bought my first 4 oz jar back in 1987 while at NCSU SoD in Raleigh. After using Golden Fluid acrylics for years, I decided to try something new. I bought dispersion pigments and a can of deep tint base. I hate running out of a color mid-day while on a job. I used a paint palette with cups for the dispersions and mixed as I went. They worked beautifully and I was so happy with their versatility. By mixing with tint base for the large areas or just adding a touch to my fluid acrylics as I worked on the details, my tool bag was cut in half. I didn’t have to worry about rushing to the art supply at the end of the day because I ran out of a certain color. I love being able to mix a quart or a tablespoon as needed with the same saturated color you get with Golden acrylics. I have since used my dispersions as a staple on many of my projects. Tinting glazes, deep base, adjusting regular acrylics, plasters, waxes … the list of applications goes on and on. I am excited to explore even more possibilities with them!

Lynne Miller : Muralist

Miller Plastering in Charlotte, NC lynnemiller@carolina.rr.com

Below is a gallery of images of Lynne's work she's completed using these products:

Scott Porter

Scott Porter, owner of Porter Design Works based in Minneapolis, MN, uses the Proceed Base Paint on all of his cabinet jobs. Click here for an article about spraying Low Absorbency Base Coat.

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