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Business Name

Application Specialist for Golden Artist Colors, Inc.

What are your favorite Proceed Products?

How do you use Proceed products? Why?

In '94 when I first started at Golden, I was in the Gallery while Diane Rich was reviewing some paint techniques.

I sat down to look at the applications with her and told her she had the coolest job.

At that time, I had no idea that the decorative painting industry existed. More college students, particularly painting students, should be aware of privately owned painting businesses and scenic shops as places they could be creatively employed and maintain their own studio practices. There are many more options than getting your MFA and teaching. I've interviewed painters from the heads of major scenic shops, to a third generation European decorative craftsmen, to exhibiting fine artists making their livings in decorative painting in NYC - it's all the same creative challenge. It's problem solving with materials or lighting (a room) to create some form of expression.

As an Applications Specialist, I've gained the opportunity to work with the technical group here. Some of my favorite time each week is spent at our weekly Technical Forum meeting. It's inspiring to participate and watch in amazement, the brain power around the table and how much energy we put into looking at paint on a level that I think probably most of the world doesn't even realize.

Contributions to Proceed-e-pedia

Lori is responsible for the majority of the information on the Proceed-e-Pedia.

Here you will find a Just Paint article about Lori Wilson.

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