Handpainted Wallpapers


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  • Hand painting wallpaper allows decorative artists to produce wall coverings in the studio on a horizontal surface and utilize techniques and procedures that may otherwise be difficult at a client’s residence.
  • It also allows the decorative painter to produce a line of products as well as utilize repetition as an element of their work. One of the main concerns with hand painted wallpapers is that the product that is applied to the paper substrate remains flexible for the time period between production and installation.
  • Please refer to the section on Proceed Texture flexibility in order to avoid any cracking that may result from rolling the hand painted paper. Often, screen printing is utilized in making wallpapers and utilizing Proceed Slow-Dry Fluid Acrylics will allow the artist to screen the image onto the paper without the fear of the paint system drying in the screen as Slow-Dry Fluid Acrylics have an extended working time and remain water sensitive, allowing for a greater amount of time to clean the screen.
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