HVLP-High Volume, Low Pressure


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The multi-directional air flow inside an HVLP gun atomizes paint with low air pressure.

The name pretty much says it all. This technology was a result of tough environmental laws, mainly California’s “SCAQMD”. More paint reaches the desired target with less overspray and air pollution. HVLP is often used for thinner liquid paints requiring smooth applications such as automotive, furniture and architectural coatings. HVLP Pressure requires lower PSI, and you will note most guns discussing Cubic Feet per Minute, or CFM. Without getting overly technical here, PSI refers to pressure, and CFM is regarding air flow. Most HVLP guns operate between 8-20 CFM. The downside with HVLP guns is that the good ones are very pricey. Expect sticker shock when you start looking around! You will also encounter low cost “HVLP” guns. In truth, these are more recent hybrid of technologies where a conventional gun takes advantage of improved baffling systems allowing for lower air pressures. There is nothing wrong with these kinds of guns, and for those who are only occasionally spraying as the need arises, they are a great entry level spray gun.

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