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  • Do not Force Dry - it will crack but it won't create a really beautiful crackle pattern.
  • For best adhesion, use Proceed Low Absorbency Base Paint under the Proceed Crackle products.
  • A solid surface, meaning a surface that is strong enough to handle the force of the drying crackle, is required before considering to apply any of the Proceed Crackle products.
  • ALWAYS make a control sample to check for unexpected interactions between cracking textures and size and products made by other manufacturers. We recommend using thin (1/4”) sheetrock for control samples as it best duplicates the surface conditions encountered on the job.
  • Tint and use Smooth Transparent Glazing Gel to overglaze your crackle finish and help "glue" down the platelets!
  • Please review: Why is it important to understand how Crackle Products work?
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