Applying Smooth Translucent Texture


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  • Apply a sheer to thin coat to a clean and dry substrate.
  • Apply first coat in irregular sections.
  • This product is meant to be applied in a veneer coat. Crazing may occur if applied too heavy in one application.
  • Mix colors as desired by applying new material to the wet surface and working into the first coat with a trowel to desired base texture, blending sections together.
  • Apply subsequent coats by trowel, removing excess material to create a smooth surface.
  • Wet or dry burnish with a trowel.

Hints and Tips

  • Full hardness is developed in 2 - 4 weeks.
  • Clean tools with soap and water. Store between 50º - 80ºF.
  • Traditional Venetian plaster technique: create the layered look without the work and layers or burnishing when you apply a layer or two of the Smooth Transparent Glazing Gel.

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