Applying Rough Glass Bead Texture


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  • It is challenging to create a 100% covered finish.

Click here to read an article techniques used by Mark Tillman with Rough Glass Bead Texture.


  • Rolling = For an all-over, uniformly uneven look, roll the Rough Glass Bead texture using a Wooster Polar Bear Roller Cover. Use the roller to "place" the beads rather than rolling the beads on as if they were paint. Applying the beads as if they were latex paint will result in excessive spattering and mess.
  • Brush = the cleanest and most economical method of application.

Hints and Tips:

  • Scatches in the wet surface caused by the glass beads are avoided by using short, light trowel strokes or by mixing Rough Glass Bead Texture at a ratio of approximately 1:1 with Smooth Transparent Glazing Gel.

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