Applying Cracking Size


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  • Apply to a clean and dry substrate.
  • Apply using a brush or roller, and wait 1-4 hours before applying cracking products.
  • Additional coats of size will further augment the cracking effect.
  • Optimum application conditions are 70°F and 50% relative humidity.
  • Store between 50° - 80°F.

Hints and Tips

  • Roll on Cracking Size using a roller sleeve or apply with a brush.
  • When applying over a more absorbent surface, more coats may be required to achieve larger cracks and platelets. Example, one coat applied over a Flat base will create a smaller crack than one coat of Cracking Size applied over an Eggshell or Satin.
  • Cracking Size should appear opaque white when applied and will dry clear.


  • Always perform test applications when using Cracking Size over other brands of paint as loss of adhesion may result.
  • Do not use over semi-gloss or gloss sheens.

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