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Golden Artist Colors, Inc. was founded upon a legacy of collaboration with artists. From the time it opened in the 1930's, the paintmaking shop that Sam Golden and Leonard Bocour operated in New York City was a favorite hangout of some of the greatest artists of the day. After WW II, it was these artists who urged Sam to push the boundaries of an interesting new synthetic resin - acrylic - that would enable them to expand their range of artistic expression.


Years later, Sam came out of retirement to make paint for his friends - artists who sought after his know-how in formulating acrylic paints and mediums. And so it was that in 1980, Sam and Mark Golden along with their wives Adele and Barbara founded Golden Artist Colors in the cow barn on Sam's retirement farm in Upstate New York. The barn is long gone, but artists have come to us ever since with needs for new and innovative materials to enable their creative expression, which makes us in a very real sense, a company built by artists. GOLDEN also collaborates with conservators, curators, authors, and art educators to further the knowledge of acrylic mediums and materials and to help preserve the legacy of modern art.


This rich legacy lives on in our corporate Mission: "To grow a sustainable company dedicated to creating and sharing the most imaginative and innovative tools of color, line, and texture for inspiring those who turn their vision into reality."


Proceed Product PhotoThe Proceed Line of Decorative Products

Traditionally, master decorative craftsmen have possessed a deep knowledge of their materials and have had the knowledge to prepare their own colors and mediums. With the development of modern waterborne materials this has ceased to be the case and, as a result, painters have been obliged to rely on the expertise of paint manufacturers and have lost a degree of control over their craft. This gap in knowledge is especially evident to educators who are trying to provide their students with a deeper understanding of contemporary waterborne mediums.


Andre Martinez   Pascal Amblard   Pierre Finkelstein


One of these educators is Andre Martinez, founder of the School of Applied Arts in Denver, Colorado. Wanting to build a curriculum that incorporated a sound knowledge of mediums and materials, he began contacting paint manufacturers and other master decorative painters seeking mentors and collaborators who could help him in this objective. GOLDEN's legacy of artist support and collaboration made us a natural choice and, from the ensuing dialog, a unique collaboration developed with Martinez and a number of master decorative craftsmen and instructors.


The result is the Proceed line of decorative painting products: a line of decorative products developed by professionals for professionals. The line is a concise, but complete, "tool kit" of high-performance paints, glazes, pigment dispersions, textures, and ancillary products that intermix seamlessly and give the professional decorative painter a virtually limitless ability to manipulate texture, color and sheen - and to produce and manage an extensive portfolio of decorative finishes with fewer individual products and with a much smaller investment in studio materials.


GOLDEN gratefully acknowledges those painters who gave generously of their knowledge. Their range of expertise spans all aspects of the decorative painting trade from muraling, trompe l'oeil, ornamentation, and decorative plasters, to the development of teaching curriculum:


Pascal Amblard specializes in mural painting and teaches in the U.S. and Europe. Amblard's work is internationally known and has been displayed in many shows including the Museum of Trompe L'Oeil, Perigueux, France.


Pierre Finkelstein is internationally recognized for decorative finishes of exceptional quality. The French government awarded Finkelstein the distinguished title of "Best Craftsman of France" for decorative painting in 1990. A renowned instructor and developer of handcrafted brushes for over 20 years, he is the author of "Recipes for Surfaces," and "The Art of Faux."


Andre Martinez is the founder of The School of Applied Arts, creator of The Principles of Applied Arts curriculum, and a founding member of the Professional Decorative Painters Association.


Welcome to the opportunity to Proceed.




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